Harsh Environment Optics

Cameras for the harsh environment, marine, oil & gas industries. Models include cameras
- Ex-proof with ATEX certification for
- Long-range extra-low-light sensors
- Long range laser illuminator up to 5km distance
- Long range thermal cameras ( cooled/uncooled)
- EOD for boats and vessels.
- Military specs

Edge Analytics Cameras

Milesight AI Camera Series provides high quality image and intelligent functions. Powered by AI chip, it is capable of attribute recognition and object filtering in order to achieve high-effective monitoring
- VCA (Video Content Analysis) and Auto Tracking
- Support of SIP could integrate with VOIP system
- AI-powered ANPR ( class, color, speed, etc)

IP and HD Analog Cameras

Cameras for the harsh environment, marine, oil & gas. Models are ATEX certified

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